You were looking on a sex site when you saw someone you thought you recognized  perhaps you paused, perhaps you saved the page, going back to check that you were right. 

Full of rage that a pervert, a whore, should be walking the same streets as you, you resolved something must be done. After all you were simply looking, and if you had met one of those women they would not walk with their heads held high, they would know better than to live somewhere nice, they would be properly ashamed of who and what they were.

Using the tools of the web you discovered this person wrote, wrote of her life, and like the dirty prostitute she was posted pictures, pictures that anyone normal would have been ashamed of. Pictures you could steal and use to show the world who and what she really was.

And I keep wondering, did you read a single word? In your hate and rage and desire to hurt did you stop for a moment to see what came with the pictures? I honestly cannot believe you did. Over 2 years two people had written from the heart, of life, love, sex, death. There were posts on watching a loved one die, on recovery from rape. There were comments from a group that had become online friends, arguments, challenges and an overriding desire to do no harm.

In the words above the pictures you stole, I wrote of hating my body and loving it, of my submission, of my ever growing happiness. Could anyone read those words and think, I shall destroy this happiness and still sleep soundly at night?

That place we had created is now gone, destroyed by your hate, a place that was more than a blog, somewhere between a series of love letters and a manifesto. 

I have been afraid to leave the house, and spent hours weeping.

But, you know what? Whoever you are…I walk out of the house with my head held high, I sleep at night, I am surrounded by love, I am still here and proud of who and what I am.

Can you say the same?


12 thoughts on “Pride

  • It makes me so sad to publish yet another one of these types of post in such a small space of time. Yet again we appear to have lost another creative, active, intelligent member of our community because of bigoted hatred.

    We should all be able to hold our heads high because we advocate a truth and honesty about life that others would like to call bad and dirty. I am proud to be part of this community and anyone who tries to silence us for whatever reason deserves our contempt.


  • So many need to make others look bad so they can feel better about themselves. Fuck them. I will walk with my.head even higher today. I am not ashamed. Nor should you be. *huge hug*

    • I fully agree, they feel something in themselves that amounts to pain or shame and rather than deal with it they destroy another heart and soul if they can.

  • I am so incredibly sorry to hear that this has happened to anyone. I would also like to say that this is a really wonderful post on a very difficult subject; I think you put it very well. I hope you and your family are okay in the wake of this.

  • I too am very sorry to hear this. Why oh why can’t there just be respect between people. Respect others for who they are and do not judge them. It’s sad to read that there are people out there that put others down so they can look better. So sad. I hope you will be okay and never hang your head. Just be proud of who you are, the way I know you will!


    Rebel xox

  • It is such a cowardly thing to do; why can’t we all just get on? Perhaps too many people think their “view” on morality is right.

    On the plus side, every generation, we get a bit more tolerant as a society.

    Can’t begin to imagine what you are going through. Not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

  • The greatest ill the internet ever gave us was to lead us to believe that each of us has an equal voice, that fools and wise men are the same.

    There has always been a requirementamong the frightened to force someone out, to ostracize another for their threat to what we blindly believe.

    Raise your head high and walk with pride. To flout stupidity and conformity may be the highest calling.

    Nothing was ever gained by anyone ruled by fear.

  • Head up I will not bend, I have gotten to the place where I am comfortable being me and no one will change that. It is sad that in a pathetic attempt to hide a weakness a person chose to wreak another’s life in some way. My heart goes out to the one hurt, for the one who hurt them a big FUCK YOU!
    Oh ok I will get off the soap box and go back to my corner

  • Oh wow, do I hate to hear about something like this happening. I don’t get it. How pointless can a person’s life be that they have to invest time and energy into hurting someone like this? Why is it that they have all this unproductive time on their hands? How much self hatred seethes in their rotten mind?

    One thing I know, karma comes around. You don’t have to believe in it. It comes. And you’ll be crying and wondering why your life has gone so wrong. It’s lost on most people like this that they are being repaid for the wrong they’ve done to others.

    I hope they rot.

  • What a horrible thing to be done to you. I’m certain that whoever did that leads a miserable life and that karma will catch up with them. Whereas you are obviously a person with immense pride and fortitude. I know who I’d rather have living on my street.


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