A Burning Need

I need a Master. I need someone to take the reigns of my pleasure and control me. I don’t need to be told how to live my life. I don’t need direction on the mundane details of my day to day, but my pleasure is a whole other story. I need to be told, when, how, with what and how many. I need to be told no, to be told to find the edge and stop. I need to beg for more, beg for less, beg for permission. I need to feel owned, captivated, controlled. To know that a man worthy of my respect and submission believes I am worthy of his controlling and careful Domination. I need to know that no matter how I beg that I will be pushed and pushed hard. My begging for mercy will never ever give Him pause. I need to know that He will not stop until He is ready to and not a moment before. That he will see past his care for me and push me to new depths.

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