Am I an office subslut?

Dear Molly,

He called me yesterday while I was in the office. He asked what I was doing.  I told him I was secretly watching porn in the office while thinking of Him.

Well done slut, he said. How about removing  your panties if wearing any, and finger fucking  yourself right there at your desk?

I knew it was an order and not a suggestion.

I went to the toilet and removed my thong. I dropped it to the floor in the men’s toilet.
ALL guys are wondering since yesterday which whore left her thong in the toilet… do you think they know it’s me?

I went back to my seat, and finger fucked myself  secretly and quietly under the desk. My colleagues were too close so it was very difficult to cum. Hope they did not notice what I was doing… or smell what I was doing…

I sent an sms explaining Him my problem. Can I please continue fucking my cunt in the toilet? It is too crowded at my desk and I want to pound my cunt hard, I wrote to Him. He replied with an sms allowing me to go and fuck my pussy in the toilet…

I rushed back to the toilet, set my mobile to camera mode opposite me, and made a nice video for Him. Here you can see a snapshot as I am finger fucking my self fast to an exciting orgasm at work. I felt like a cheap whore afterwards, and I feel like a public whore now as I am posting those photos anonymously.

I am now wondering if my colleagues know that the dropped panties belong to me…

And what will happen if the boss finds out? Do I risk getting fired? What could also happen is that boss could  threaten to fire me unless I became his private office sextoy…

Imagine if boss starts ordering me everyday to suck and choke on his cock in order not to tell everyone that I masturbate in the office without wearing panties and my pc is full of s&m and gangbang porn….


The office public cock-hole


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