Peg Me!

This is intended to be a short, cathartic admission.  I am by nature Male Dominant who is currently scouring Twitter links to find a beautiful Dominatrix who will cane me & then have me submit to her strap on.  I desire to be tied over a whipping bench to await the probing of her rubber cock between my cane striped cheeks.

My heart pounds as I imagine her strict reprimand, the ever deeper thrust …. the popping of my anal cherry.

I have been such a naughty boy, frequenting massage parlours, dungeons & wanking in front of my computer screen.  A penance is to be paid.

Peg Me!

Don’t know how to not be used

Hi molly. I’m one of those lurkers,  have been following for a while now.

Some background: I’m 21, my partner/boyfriend/master/?? is twice that. We only see each other every… two months,  or so.

Before I met him I had very little experience with sex at all,  and there was an in-between period where I was seeing other people and got a bit more experience. I was always ashamed of this lack of experience,  and only recently was able to admit that to him, which he was great about. Now something else has come up.

Um…  to get to the point…

I can’t fucking ride cock! I just don’t have the experience,  or the strength,  and I’m not exactly small to start with,  and he’s not exactly large to start with,  and it’s just a big mess.  I haven’t tried with him yet.  but looking back on some really horribly awkward and disappointing experiences with others,  I don’t even want to try.

This can all be changed, though : practice makes perfect,  squats will too.  The bigger,  underlying problem is:

I’m scared of having any kind of control over the sex,  over his pleasure,  over being seen like that,  scared of having to be the active component and the responsibility that comes with that,  scared of looking stupid and disappointing him until I finally get it right,  scared of my fat moving in ways I don’t want it to,  scared of looking down at him,  scared of fucking moving. I feel like the only way I’m comfortable with sex with him is when I’m completely helpless. I try to watch porn with the girl on top,  for pointers,  and having to imagine myself in that position gives me this sick feeling in my stomach,  as if it’s just somehow not right. (not to mention body image issues comparing myself to porn actresses)

I voiced these concerns to him,  though he’s sleeping now ,  I know we’ll talk through it eventually but he doesn’t know what it’s like from my POV no matter how understanding and wonderful he is.

I don’t even know if there is concrete advice here.  I’m sure I won’t feel like this in a few years,  and it’s probably a lot to do with the lack of confidence that comes with my inexperience. I  just need to say this in a place detached from my partner,  where I know people will understand.

Don’t know how to not be used

Anything for love…?

There she was. In precisely the position he’d told her to be in; kneeling in the muck and filth on the floor. It had been his idea to meet in a public toilet. This one, he knew to be fairly quiet, but the risk of being caught; arrested even, was very real.

She smiled a slow smile at his footsteps and opened her mouth. The moisture soaking into her stockings from the floor, mirrored the juices dripping from her cunt. She felt dirty. Disgusting. She ached with lust. The smell of his cock filled her nostrils and she lunged. Summoning up as much saliva as she could, she spat on him, then moved her mouth to catch her spit as it dripped from the end.

Grabbing a handful of her flame red hair, he pulled her mouth onto his huge, swollen cock. She took it well, clutching at him and gagging as he forced as much of his dick down her throat as she could take. He pounded her face as tears and spit dripped from her chin. He pulled out and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him. She looked like a whore. His whore.

Naked, but for hold ups and heels, mascara and lipstick staining her wet face, she gazed at him, only flinching slightly when his hand struck her cheek. Hard. The smile that lit up her face when he bent his head to her nipple was something to behold. Soft tongue, hard teeth, flesh breaking; only his hand squeezing her throat stopped her screams from rending the air.

He turned her around. He wanted her to greet his guest face to face. Forcing her onto all fours, keeping her steady by her hair, he struck again. A handprint grew from her soft white skin, blooming pink, then red. Her shout was the signal. More footsteps. Sharper than his. He pulled her hair and raised her face. “Open your eyes, Whore.”

She found herself looking at the stilettoed feet of a woman. As she raised her gaze, a long mac dropped to the floor and the woman gained more form. Before she had time to look properly, her face was guided towards the stranger’s smooth, wet cunt. The hand at the back of her head pushed her face forward; nose, lips tongue and teeth all smothered in faceless pussy. As she felt his cock push at her own cunt, she began to suck and lick like she was devouring her last meal.

Inching his cock into what belonged to him, he watched her head bob and swirl. Her cunt swelled and throbbed around him, telling him how much she was enjoying her surprise. He rubbed at her arsehole, massaging then pushing his finger inside. He pressed down and could feel the ridges of his own cock from both sides. Balls tightening, he felt her hips begin to shake beneath his hand. The moans from the blonde lying on the filthy floor were getting louder, his whore trembled on the end of his dick as he plunged in and withdrew again and again. He knew her. He knew she was seconds away. As his own climax began to take hold, he looked and listened for the tensing and moaning that meant her orgasm was imminent.

“Cum for me Whore.”

“Cum for me now, Slut.”

She let go. He let go. They all let go. Grunts, moans and screams bounced off the tiled walls. He pulled out of her spasming cunt while the spunk was still spurting from him and decorated her arse. The blonde rubbed furiously at her clit to prolong her orgasm. The red head shook violently as her body struggled to cope with the waves of pleasure that ripped through it, her face now resting on the floor.

Composure regained, he paid the hooker then bent down to look at his handiwork. He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and traced his fingers along her upwardly sloping back. Her splattered arse was still in the air, spunk oozing from her cunt lips. When she could move, she sat on the filth strewn floor and grinned at him like a Cheshire Cat. Another rose for the garden of her deliciously debauched memories.

Anything for love

A Stranger Even to Myself at Times

Looking through photographs  I see someone different than who looks at me in the mirror.

The woman in the photograph is posed and confident. The woman in the mirror has slightly rounded shoulders and looks as if she is ashamed.

The woman in the photograph looks as if she doesn’t have a care in the world, in fact she’s on top of the world and owns it. The one in mirror, you can see the worry in her face, the lines that form as she convinces herself the smile is the same as before.

Then the woman looks at the photographs again, then in the mirror and wonders could it be that the Native Americans were right along? Did the process of the photograph steal her soul and by disrespecting the spirit world is the woman in mirror all that’s left?

Help! I need sex advice!

Ok, let’s start with the beginning. I am a straight woman dating a bisexual man. We have a good monogamous relationship & we love each other very much & hope to one day to be married. But there is a fluke in our sex life.

We have been dating for over three, almost four, months now and the problem is we haven’t actually HAD sex yet. It’s not like we haven’t tried. We have. But for reasons we can’t understand one of our biggest problems is we can’t keep him hard long enough for him to put it in.

Our second biggest problem is the few times we have been able to keep him up we, for some reason, can’t get him in or can’t find the hold.

The third problem is the even fewer times (like so few I can count them on one hand) that we’ve been able to get him to stick it in we either can’t keep it in to do anything with it or it goes limp again & we can’t do anything with it. We’re not sure why this is.

At first he thought maybe he was gay. But that scenario doesn’t fit. He’s been with a woman before and had no problems then and although he does enjoy gay porn he also enjoys straight porn, lesbian porn, and a whole slew of other porn and while he does enjoy cock he also enjoys pussy. So him being gay doesn’t fit. Then he thought maybe he just wasn’t attracted to me. But that doesn’t fit either. I can get him up easily. He even gets hard when we kiss. He tells me all the time how beautiful he thinks I am. When he masturbates he gets off thinking about fucking me. He enjoys sucking my breasts and eating me out and he tells me multiple times a day how much he loves me. So there has to be attraction to me somewhere or I wouldn’t even be able to get him up. Then we thought that maybe it’s because he hadn’t actually had sex with anyone (man or woman) for thirteen years and even then it hadn’t been very much so it’ll just take time. But it’s been almost four months! Then he thought that maybe he was just too small, but that’s not true. He’s actually of average size and while I have had bigger I have also had smaller and have never had this problem before. Then we thought it might be erectile dysfunction. But he gets it up and keeps it up fine while masturbating, which he does a lot of.

He wants to penetrate me, he gets hard thinking about it, and I want him to too. I want us to get to the point of getting him to cum inside me. He has made me orgasm quite a few times by fingering me, but it’s not the same and I feel bad because I have only been able to make him cum twice. The first time being on our third month anniversary thanks to a handjob and a ton of baby oil. The second being just a few hours before I wrote this thanks to another handjob and him getting off on fingering me. But still, we both want the one thing the universe won’t seem to let us have. Can anyone out there help me with this problem and tell me how to resolve our issues so we can take our relationship to the next level?

Polish Panties 3 – Daddy’s Home

Polish Panties Part 3…’Daddy’s Home…’

From the thrill of their passionate, secret, first encounters the horny housemates, Pete and Anya, didn’t look back as they proceeded to seize on every opportunity to tease and touch and pleasure each other they could…in meeting Anya’s growing appetite for epic exploration sessions of anal, oral and vaginal delights…

Pete arrived home one afternoon to a very welcome surprise. Anya had left her last job and had been working on her CV to prepare for job applications…his heart skipped a beat as he spotted her little black Renault parked at the end of their street.…

His lazy hard on twitched and stiffened at the sight as he realised that Anya had decided to do her homework at home alone today… She’d suggested over breakfast that she might go to the library that morning so he’d passed by there first in the hope of a little library touching before heading home for the main course of anal worship… in the warmth of the afternoon sun…in her bedroom.

He was wearing a little pair of her red silk panties, which he’d sniffed in the toilet on the train home…before slipping into them as the train approached his stop…

As he closed the front door behind him he heard a little voice calling from the back of the house…”Hey there Pete, is that you?…can you come upstairs for a second? I have something to show you!…”

He climbed the stairs slowly…putting one hand down inside his loose shorts to release his full erection from the pleasant restraint of his housemates, already sticky red silk panties…he began to stroke its full length as he approached Anya’s half open bedroom door with a knowing anticipation of what he would find behind it…he wasn’t disappointed…

As he pushed it open their eyes met as she looked over her shoulder and said…”Oh my Pete…is that for me…only I seem to be all tied up over here…”

Anya had tied her wrists to her head board and bent her cute, pert little butt skywards above a mound of her pillows and clothes…she was blindfolded too and her perfect tits swang beneath her writhing little naked body…”Come over here and take me wherever and however you want…I’m your sex-slave for the afternoon ‘panty boy’…so make the most of it…” TBC…

A scream in the darkness

I am used to emotional pain. I am used to loss, hurt, betrayal, grief. So to survive I gathered together souls like mine. I surrounded myself with people who understood pain, then later in life I surrounded myself with people who understood what it was to seek out a different kind of pain, a pain that for me healed and soothed.

Things happened that changed those core groups that I cherished. If I explained you would figure who I am. Lets just say it has been to much loss. Having those people in my life was like a moat. If I was hurting or left out or unable to cope, I just drew up the drawbridge. All I needed I had.

Now I feel I have nothing. For months and months I have dreamed of ending my life, I even attempted and failed. The woman who used to embrace life and chase every dream is gone. to much loss, to much pain, to much disappointment.

Suicide is selfish and hurtful, I know. I just actually do not know how to carry on further. I have tried everything, thrown all of what was left of my positive at surviving and changing my circumstance. But I had a blow that rocked me past what I can absorb and continue to breathe.  I want to let go, and can’t believe in the past how hard I tried to stay alive.

I just needed a place to scream into the empty darkness, that I want it to end. I want the pain to stop.

A little help…. please

I would like to ask for some help, advice and support from my friends. For obvious reasons, which will be revealed I can’t ask questions of this nature via twitter, just know that I’ve met a lot of you and that I trust in your words and vitual responses to my plea.

Ok, well. After a long time of not knowing why I don’t feel like me, why I am constantly bitchy and angry, I have worked it out. I think. maybe…..

It is not as I have blamed, your controlling nature, we have played on this and enjoyed it too, however now, I just simply can not bring myself to call you Sir.

I have avoided you touching me, especially my piercings for a while, because, tbh, I do not want you to touch me. I cant tell you how or when this feeling started, but only that now I can not feel anything but annoyance and irritation at your insistence at fiddling with my nipples or my cunt rings.

It isnt that you criticise me, although you do. I have developed strategies to side step this. It isnt that you constantly undermine me, you do this too, but I have a way to deal with this as well. However it is the addition of all of these things plus many others over time which lead me to the conclusion which makes me very sad. I just don’t love you. Or Im not in love with you…

We have children. A business. A life. We are friends. Not soul mates but friends. I just don’t know what I should do about the love part?

I havent spoken to anyone I know about this, not a soul knows what I know in my heart. I wish I could confide, but I find that I can not. If I say it aloud then I might be given an answer I dont like or want to hear. If somebody in my real life thinks Im not being fair to him or myself and I should leave, then I have to make a decision, I have to do something.

However, Ive no idea if simply not loving the significant other in your life is enough reason to leave? Is it? Or am I a selfish cow?

Ok the not having sex thing is really frustrating for us both. Am I being unfair staying when he could find somebody else to love?

Is there a way back from here? Can I find a way to pull myself back into his arms – at the moment I am desperately clinging to this with my nails, but I feel I am slipping, Im just unhappy, grumpy and tbh, a bitch.

I have spoken and listened to other posts about this. Folk who feel love is everything, you need to be happy, loved, content etc… but I feel like im being totally selfish in even considering leaving, after all who has a perfect relationship? What makes me special to feel I have the right to split up a family, a home, a business, a friendship.

I quite honestly dont have a clue how i should feel, respond, act, be….

I just know that the not enjoying being touched, hugged or kissed part gives me a real indication as to how I feel about him sexually… but but but… is that really important? Am I confusing sex with love? Oh ffs…


Polish Panties Part 2 – Teach me…

Polish Panties Part 2 – Teach me…

As the door closed behind her Anya’s smile spread across her pretty young face as she dropped her own, little red, panties to the floor at her ankles…”Hello Pete…are you busy right now?”…

…He quickly popped as much of his throbbing, fleshy monolith inside his gorgeous naked house mate’s long-lost cotton panties as he could. For a few moments and minutes Pete just gazed unashamedly at Anya’s perfect 10 breasts and nipples…and although he’d seen them before they captivated him all over again as he prepared to kiss them, lick them and to nibble and suck at their peaky, brown rosebuds…

“Not really…I was just thinking about you actually…” he blurted out a bashfuly…”I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed these to help me along with that? The scent of your flower is so arousing…and they fit so well!”…

Unflustered and as if nothing were unusual in the scene Anya retorted calmly…”Not at all…don’t be silly…I’m flattered if anything…Anyway Pete…I’ve been wondering if you might like to give me some private English lessons sometime when we’re alone here?…It makes me so horny thinking about you touching me down there in my special place… as we learn new words, verbs and tenses…I’m so wet there now Pete…will you place your hand on my cunt lips for me please? I want to feel your fingers inside me…and then your tongue after that…will you please Petey-pie?…Pretty please?…”

The idea of having her alone in his room immediately sent the blood rushing to his cock as it strained from below the lace and cotton of his housemates little knickers…his balls throbbed with anticipation as he stood up to greet his gorgeous guest with a wet kiss and a firm middle finger to her neat, sweet, little vagina.

Applying a little pressure, his strongest, most probing digit slid past Anya’s soft blonde pubic hair and entered her warm wet pussy lips like a hot knife through butter…She closed her eyes and reclined with a deep groan as her housemate slowly entered her dripping wet cunt with his probing, electric fingers.

“Oh Pete…that feels so good…finger me deep and firm…pleeeease…use all your fingers and tickle my little virgin bottom all over too…enter me…pinch me…slap me… bite on my nipples and my lovely big titties too…I’ve seen you staring at them Pete…when I’m gardening…or washing up…I know you’ve tit-fucked me so many times in your filthy mind…when you’re in the shower so long…I’ve seen you watching me through the bathroom window…I always go knickerless and without a bra when I know you’re watching me…your hard cock in your hand as you have me…I always bend over when I think you’re getting close!!!”

Pete smiled a satisfied smirk as he continued to feel the contours of his housemate (and student to be)’s near virginal pussy..They kissed deeply as he handle her firmly…but with intimacy, lust and desire…

“Slide one finger in my virgin asshole now Pete…make me come all over your hand before I take that gorgeous hard cock in my mouth and suck you hard and long baby….it looks so good in my knickers…”

“You’re such a naughty, dirty man Pete and I want your gorgeous cock in all my holes…all the time… now I know how handsome it is….and how much you lust after me too…”

They fucked and sucked and fingered and buggered each other every opportunity they had after that…Anya’s English improved in certain areas and her cute little ass became a regular destination for Pete’s big, hard, deviant, panty-wearing cock from that day on…

*Part 1 of this story is Polish Panties

I am completely lost

I am completely lost and don’t know what to do.

I have discovered that my wife of ten years is having an affair. With a woman. I confronted her when I found out and she came clean. They have been seeing each other for almost two years. She says that they are in love, she claims she still loves me but that her girlfriend fills a need that I can not.

I don’t know how to cope. I could almost understand and forgive her if it was another man. I could learn what he gave her that I could not and make this better. But how to I compete with a woman, what can she do for my wife that I can not? Is my wife really a lesbian and she is only with me to seem normal to society? She says that none of that is true, that she loves and desires me as she always has, but how can that be true? This has gotten me completely turned around and affected me so much that I have been unable to make love to her. I feel deceived and  a failure as a husband and a man. How can I make this right again?

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